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I have been building musical instruments since 1969.
I became interested in the Ukulele in 1978 , and then
in 1995, after several years of building both guitars
and Ukuleles, I began building Ukuleles almost
exclusively. I like to think of the ukulele as an
instrument of the millennium. It is compact, easy to
travel with, and brings joy to all who hear and play
them. I build all my Ukes myself here at my shop in
Santa Cruz, and build mainly custom instruments
using of the finest woods available. Click the
"Artists" link on the left for a look at some fine
musicians and the Graziano Ukuleles they play.
I take great pride in the in the instruments I build,
and I stand behind the work I do. Unless otherwise
specified, All Graziano Instruments are guaranteed
to the original owner. This of course does not apply
to accidental damage, misuse, or normal wear.
Based on my decision, and upon my inspection, I will
repair or replace the instrument, in whole or in part,
that is found to be defective.